by Omkar Katta It is crazy to think that the audition that changed my life happened four months ago already. Time flies when you’re having fun, and my first semester at Penn would not have been as fun as it was if not for Penn Singers. Surrounded by unfamiliarity, my […]

From Auditionee to Auditioner

Last week marked the one year anniversary of my joining Penn Singers the spring semester of my freshman year, so I’ve had enough Facebook memory notifications to give me cause to reflect on my experience thus far. [Warning: if you really hate clichés with a burning passion, look away now!] […]

Penn Singers, One Year More

Hi, my name is Chelsea Cylinder, and I am the President of Penn Singers Light Opera Company for the 2016 year. I joined this company the fall of my freshman year. The company was doing Thoroughly Modern Millie, a show that I have always loved. As a huge musical theatre […]

A Note from the President

Welcome to the new Penn Singers blog!  I’m really hoping this works!  Basically, in the future, this page will be filled with posts from company members writing about what’s currently going on with Singers! 🙂 Mikey

Welcome to the Blog!